COVID-19 Press Release

COVID-19 Press Release

We are living in unprecedented times which individuals with Autism, Learning Disability and / or Mental Health issues may find exceptionally challenging.

We acknowledge the added stress that this will cause for those providing support can be enormous.
Steps we have developed to help you and your organisation include the following:
Our staff may be contacted by email or telephone to respond to your request for additional consultancy advice and support.

PROACT-SCIPr-UK® training courses will be delivered through a live ‘face to face’ online blended learning approach until we are advised that it is safe to resume traditional face to face courses.

Our existing Instructors can complete their training through our online eLearning platform using this ‘face to face’ online approach which will provide opportunities for updates and assessment in real-time.

Furthermore we are working on making exciting new material available to support your continued development using our PROACT-SCIPr-UK® approach.

We will continuously monitor the situation and update you as our additional material becomes available.

24th March 2020